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Terms and conditions of use of LA POUPETTERIE'S website 

Updated on May 20, 2017


Welcome on LA POUPETTERIE’s website.


This site is intended for the promotion and sale of products for people wishing to dress their dolls.


The website LA POUPETTERIE is available through the URL www.lapoupetterie.com.


Its publication director is Maguelone Flichy, creator of La Poupetterie.


The Site is hosted by OVH, located 2 rue Kellerman 59 100 Roubaix FRANCE, telephone +33 8 203 203 63.




For the purpose of these general conditions, the singular involving the plural and conversely, the following definitions apply to terms used with a capital letter:


1.1 "Customer": any User who has previously registered on the Website for the purpose of ordering a Product online on the Website.


The Client can be:


- an individual over the age of 18 who undertakes to have full legal capacity to close a sale,


- a moral person.


1.2 "Order": request for Products made by the Customer through the Site and validated by the website THE POUPETTERIE subject to receipt of the full price;


1.3 "General Conditions": terms of use of the Website and sale of the Products on the Site, as accepted by the Users and Customers;


1.4 "My Account": personal space created by the Customer to proceed with the Ordering of Products on the Site;


1.5 "Delivery Time": period between the date of validation of the Order and the date of Delivery of the Products to the Customer;


1.6 "Delivery costs": shipping costs for the delivery of the Products to the delivery address indicated by the Customer when placing his order


1.7 "Delivery": shipment of the Product to the Customer through a subcontractor of the Company LA POUPETTERIE;


1.8 "Price": unit value of a product including all taxes, excluding shipping costs;


1.9 "Product": property offered for sale by the Company LA POUPETTERIE on the Site;


1.10 "Site": e-commerce site, accessible at www.lapoupetterie.com to offer products for sale on the Internet;


1.11 "Société La Pouletterie": Société La Pouletterie, manufacturer and / or distributor of Products for sale on the Site;


1.12 "User": any person who uses the Site.




  These Terms and Conditions are intended to define the conditions of use of the Site by Users and the terms of sale between the Company LA POUPETTERIE and its Customer of all Products available on the Site.


By using the Site, the User accepts the following General Terms and Conditions with the company LA POUPETTERIE.


These General Terms and Conditions apply to the exclusion of all others for all Orders placed on the Site between the Dairy Company and the Customer for Delivery Worldwide (see Article 9 SHIPMENT AND DELIVERY). They prevail over any mention or indication on the Site or any other publication of or about the company LA POUPETTERIE.


For all deliveries outside mainland France, the Customer is asked to contact the Customer Service of the Company LA POUPETTERIE (see Article 5 CUSTOMER SERVICE of these Terms and Conditions).


The User acknowledges having read and accepted without reserve, modification, or restriction, these General Conditions, in particular before the validation of the Order. The Customer may print these Terms and Conditions or save them in PDF format on a durable recording medium.




3.1 The registration on the Site is free and necessary for its advanced features such as the purchase of a Product, receive the newsletter of the Company LA POUPETTERIE or have access to the details of any Order.


To access these services, the Customer may create an Account area by registering on the Site through the "Account" tab, either before any purchase, or at the time of validating the Order.


3.2 When registering on the Site and creating the Account area, the Customer chooses a login and a password, which are strictly personal, confidential and non-transferable. The information communicated by the Customer during his registration and each use of the Site are kept by the Company LA POUPETTERIE under the conditions, including duration, set by the laws and regulations in force in France.


3.3 The Customer agrees not to allow a third party to access and / or use the My Account area. The Customer is solely responsible for the use, even without his knowledge, of My Account and / or password by a third party, and he will bear the consequences alone. The Customer undertakes to disclose to the Company LA POUPETTERIE any use by a third party of its space Account and / or password as soon as he knows about it. Except with the express and prior authorization of La POUPETTERIE, the Customer is prohibited from creating or using any other My Account spaces than the one initially created in his name on the Site, whether under his own identity or that of a third party .


3.4 The Customer agrees to comply with the following cumulative conditions: the Customer must fill in the fields of the registration form of the Site and undertakes to provide the Company POUPETTERIE only complete and accurate information. In particular, the Customer must indicate telephone details, as well as his e-mail address, in addition to the precise postal address of the place of Delivery. In order for the Company LA POUPETTERIE to render a quality service, the Customer undertakes to update in as soon as possible the information provided through its Account area, in particular concerning its postal and bank details as well as its e-mail address. The Customer is solely responsible for the direct or indirect damage that he may suffer in the absence of updating of this information, of which he will assume only the consequences.


3.5 In case of non-compliance with the General Conditions, the Company LA POUPETTERIE reserves the right to cancel, without compensation, the space My Account Customer, after sending an email of formal notice remained ineffective for more than thirty (30) days. In case of breach or serious misconduct on the part of the Customer, the deletion of his account My Account will be automatically, without notice or compensation.




4.1 The Products offered for sale on the Site are precisely presented and described in their respective sheet, allowing the Customer to know their essential characteristics, with the greatest possible accuracy and before the taking of Order. The Customer acknowledges having taken knowledge of the detailed sheets of the Products which are the only contractual source concerning, in particular their name, price, components, colors, sizes, quantities, and particularities of the Products or limitation of certain categories of Products, and expressly declares to accept them without reserve.


4.2 The photographs and illustrations accompanying the Products on the Site have no contractual value and can not engage the responsibility of the Company LA POUPETTERIE.


4.3 The offers of the Products and the Prices appearing on the Site are valid as long as they are visible and available for sale.It is however reminded to the Customer that the fact of adding to the basket does not worth validation of the Order.


5. CUSTOMER SERVICE For any questions about the Products, the Website, these Terms and Conditions, the Customer Service of the Company LA POUPETTERIE can be contacted: - by phone Monday to Friday from 9:30 am to 5 pm (French time) at +33 (0) ) 9 52 82 64 79 (Cost of a local call in metropolitan France) - by email to the following address contact@lapoupetterie.com- by mail to the following address: LA POUPETTERIE 2, rue des grillons 71640 Givry FRANCE .




6.1 In order to fulfill the Order, the Customer must obligatorily go through the Site via his My Account area.


6.2 On the Site, in order to formalize its Product Order, the Customer must follow the following steps: 1- Choose Products that will be automatically integrated in his basket by clicking on "ADD TO BASKET" 2- Check the elements of the Order and if necessary, identify and correct any errors and validate his basket of Products by clicking on "BASKET" then "ORDER" 3- Fill in the fields on the Site regarding billing information, or identify himself via his My existing Account or create a My Account area by clicking on "Create an account" 4- Fill in the Delivery address if it differs as well as the fields of information 5- Choose the Delivery mode 6- Choose the mode payment of the Price; 7- Accept the General Conditions of the Company LA POUPETTERIE; 8- Validate the payment of the Price of the Order which constitutes the final validation of the Order by the Customer under reserved for the confirmation and the full collection of the Price of the Order by the Company LA POUPETTERIE


6.3 There is no minimum amount to be able to validate the Order on the Site.


6.4 Any Order implies acceptance by the Customer of the Prizes and description of the Products available for sale on the Site. The Customer is strongly advised to keep a copy of the Order in paper form or on a reliable and durable recording medium.


6.5 The Customer will then receive by email a confirmation of acceptance of the Order within twenty-four (24) hours, summarizing the reference of the Order, the Product (s) ordered, their quantity (s), price, color, size (s), Delivery Charges, the applicable tax (s) including the added value, the chosen method of payment, the details of the Client as well as the addresses of Delivery and invoicing chosen. In default of validation of the Order by the Company LA POUPETTERIEin this period by email, the Order is not considered taken into account. If you do not receive an e-mail within the aforementioned period, the Customer is invited to contact the Customer Service Department of La POUPETTERIE (see Article 5 CUSTOMER SERVICE of these Terms and Conditions) .The Customer will also receive confirmation by e-mail. dispatch of the Order.


6.6 The Company POUPETTERIE undertakes to honor the Orders received on the Site and duly validated within the limits of available stocks.A Failing availability of one or more Products ordered (s) on the Site, The Company POUPETTERIE undertakes to inform the Customer by email. In its sole discretion, LA POUPETTERIE may offer the Customer a Product or equivalent reference to replace the unavailable Product (s). In the absence of a response from the Customer or an equivalent Product, the Order for the unavailable Product will be canceled and the price refunded to the Customer, the remainder of the Order remaining firm and final. The Customer is informed that for some Products, the available references may be substituted at the discretion of the Company LA POUPETTERIEby other equivalents, if not superior. It is recommended to the Customer to refer to the detailed sheet of the Product (s) considered and / or to make contact before any Order with the Customer Service of the Company LA POUPETTERIE (see Article 5 CUSTOMER SERVICE of present General Conditions).


6.7 The Company LA POUPETTERIE reserves the right to cancel or refuse any Order from a Customer for a legitimate reason, for example due to a difficulty of supplying a Product, a problem with the Order or Delivery, or between holding the abnormality of the Order or, where there is a dispute regarding a previous Order, and in particular its payment. The responsibility of the Company LA POUPETTERIE can in no way be engaged in this respect.


6.8 The Company LA POUPETTERIE will inform the Customer only by email. The Customer is therefore requested to consult his mailbox regularly.




7.1 The prices of the Products sold on the Site are per article and reference.


7.2 The Prices on the Site are in euros, all taxes included, excluding Shipping Costs. Shipping Costs will be invoiced in addition to the Order Price according to the Delivery Method chosen by the Customer. Starting from eighty (80) euros of purchase on the Site, the Standard Delivery in Metropolitan France is free


7. 3 The Company LA POUPETTERIE reserves the right to modify its prices at any time without notice. The Products will be invoiced on the basis of the prices in force at the time of the validation of the Order by the Customer.


7.4 In the event of an error of seizure, impression, publication or calculation showing a Price much lower than the Price normally performed on the Site or in the reference market for the Product (s) in question, their Order may be canceled even if it has been automatically confirmed by the The customer will be informed as soon as possible by email so that he can, if he wishes, to return an order at the right price.




8.1 The payment of the Products is made in euros on the Site only by credit card: Visa, Carte Bleue, Mastercard.La Company POUPETTERIE uses for the Site a secure mode of payments from its provider Banque Populaire who can ask the validation of the Order by entering a 3D-Secure code provided by the bank of the bank card holder and communicated by SMS to the Customer. The bank details provided by the Customer are directly transmitted encrypted, without passing through the Site.

8.2 In accordance with Article L. 132-2 of the Monetary and Financial Code, the commitment to pay given by means of a payment card is irrevocable. By communicating the information relating to his credit card, the Customer authorizes the Company LA POUPETTERIE to debit his credit card the amount corresponding to the Price of the Order placed on the Site.To this end, the Customer confirms that he is the holder of the credit card to debit and the name on the credit card is actually his. The Customer communicates the sixteen digits and the expiry date of his credit card as well as, if applicable, the numbers of the visual cryptogram. In the event that the debit of the Price of the Order was impossible, the sale of the Products and the Order will be immediately canceled by right. La POUPETTERIE Company implements all means to ensure the confidentiality and security of the data transmitted on the Site through its provider Banque Populaire.


8.3 The Customer agrees to pay the full price of the Order when validating its payment. The Order will be confirmed by the Company LA POUPETTERIE only subject to receipt of the full price of the Order by the Company LA POUPETTERIE. The Products will remain the property of the Company LA POUPETTERIEuntil the complete payment of the price of the Order by the Customer.


8.4 The invoice of the Order will be made upon shipment of the Order and will be sent by email from the Company LA POUPETTERIE to the Client.




9.1 No order will be shipped without receipt of the Prize and its prior approval by the Company POUPETTERIE.


9.2 Excluding periods of sales, holidays and holidays, any Order placed by the Site from Monday to Friday before 12h00 (French time) and duly validated by the Company LA POUPETTERIE, will be prepared and shipped the next day (business day). Any Order placed and duly validated by the Company POUPETTERIE on Friday will be processed on the Monday of the following week or the first day next workable.


9.3 The Order is delivered worldwide with the exception of Afghanistan, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Burma, Sudan and Syria.


9.4 The Order will be delivered in one go to the delivery address indicated by the Customer during the Order. The Customer is solely responsible for a delivery defect due to a lack of indication during the Order or to an error of the Customer in the wording of his details or those of the place of Delivery, including his name, first name, address, telephone number, email address resulting in the loss of the Products. In this case, the Customer remains liable for the payment of the Products.No modification of the delivery location can be made after shipping the Order.


9.5 The Order will be delivered in accordance with the mode chosen by the Customer according to the average time given for information purposes. of the order of Products.


9.6 The Customer may schedule a later delivery date by contacting the Customer Service of the Company LA POUPETTERIE (see Article 5 CUSTOMER SERVICE of these Terms and Conditions) .


9.7 Delivery times may vary in depending on the availability of the Products that have been the subject of the Order and run from the date of confirmation of the Order by the Company LA POUPETTERIE.They are in working days and correspond to the average time of preparation and delivery of the Order according to the means of Delivery chosen by the Customer. The Company THE POUPETTERIE and its partners in charge of the Liv reason will make every effort to respect the delivery times for the Ordered Products which are given as an indication. A possible overrun may not give rise to any damage-interest, withholding or cancellation of the Order by the Customer In the event that the delivery times could not be held in particular for meteorological reasons, the Company LA POUPETTERIE or its Partner in charge of the Delivery will inform the Customer by any means, without the Order can be canceled. The Company POUPETTERIE recommends to the Customer to contact his Customer Service of the Company POUPETTERIE in case of delay of delivery noticed.


9.8 The Customer can consult the follow-up of his Order on his space My Account or contact the Customer Service of the Company THE POUPETTERIE (see Article 5 CUSTOMER SERVICE of these General Conditions) .


9.9 In application of the Consumer Code and only if the Customer is a consumer within the meaning of the legal provisions in force on the date of the Order, if the Products were not Shipped or delivered within seven (7) days, from the date indicated at the time of the validation of the Order by the Company THE POUPETTERIE, the Customer will be able to decide to cancel his Order, in a period of sixty (60) working days, by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt to the following address: Company POUPETTERIE 2 rue des Grillons 71640 Givry.The price of the undelivered products will then be entirely reimbursed to the Client. In the event that the Order has already been shipped upon receipt by the Company LA POUPETTERIE of the Client's cancellation request, the Customer may still cancel the Order by refusing its Delivery. The Company DOLL will then refund the amounts debited following receipt of the return of the parcel refused provided that it is complete and in its original state.


9.10 The Customer agrees to prove his identity, in case of request of the delivery partner, by an official document in force and by communicating if necessary, the reference number of the Order allocated by the Company LA POUPETTERIE to his Order and which was communicated to him in the email of validation of the Order by the Company THE POUPETTERIE.If the Customer is unable to receive himself the Order, he will have to mandate, to represent him, a third provided with of power and photocopy of the Customer's identity card.


9.11 The Customer agrees to be present at the indicated delivery address, during the day and throughout the period of time indicated by the partner of the Company LA POUPETTERIE in charge. Customer agrees to sign the delivery note presented on which he must carry any accurate and concise handwritten reserves concerning the Products delivered. The Customer must particularly count the number of parcels which are delivered to him. In case of absence of the Customer during the Delivery, the Customer Service of the Company THE POUPETTERIE will contact the Customer in order to stop a new date of delivery. The costs of this new delivery will be borne by the Customer. The Customer will not be entitled to any refund or damages, in particular when the Delivery could not be made due to: - a lack of indication during the Order or an error of the Customer in the wording of its coordinates or those of the place of Delivery - its absence - its unavailability.


9.12 The Customer is required to check the condition and packaging of the Products during the Delivery. It is up to the Customer to issue the necessary reservations and claims, or even to refuse the Delivery if he finds any anomaly, failure, damaged or open package, missing or defective product (s)... The said reservations and complaints must be addressed, in the three (3) days of delivery of the Products, to the partner of the Company LA POUPETTERIE by registered letter, copy of the letter to be sent to the Company LA POUPETTERIE within the aforementioned period, by email to contact@lapoupetterie.com or by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt, postmarked, at the following address: Société LA POUPETTERIE 2 rue des Grillons 71640 Givry.Failure of complaint within the aforementioned period to said partner and the Company LA POUPETTERIE, any action will be extinguished and the Products deemed accepted without reserve by the Customer.




10.1 In accordance with the legal provisions in force in particular of article L.121-21 of the Consumer Code, the consumer Consumer, within the meaning of the legal provisions in force on the date of the Order, has a fourteen (14) days from receipt of the Products to exercise the right of withdrawal from a distance contract, without having to give reasons for the decision. The Consumer Client will then inform the Company LA POUPETTERIE of its decision of retraction by means of a declaration devoid of any ambiguity: - by mail: Company THE POUPETTERIE 2, rue des Grillons 71640 Givry; - by email: contact@lapoupetterie.com; The Company POUPETTERIE will acknowledge receipt of this retraction. The Consumer Customer will however bear the direct costs of returning the Products, and agrees to return or return the Products to the Company LA POUPETTERIE, 2, rue des Grillons 71640 Givry, without delay and at the latest within fourteen (14) days following the communication of its decision to retract. In the event of exercise of the right of withdrawal under the aforementioned conditions, the Company will pay the Customer Consumer the amounts paid for the Products that were the subject of this retraction by using the same means of payment within fourteen (14) days of the receipt in proper form of the Products by the Company THE POUPETTERIE or the proof of the shipment of the goods by the Client Consommateur.La Company THE POUPETTERIE reserves the right to propose to the Customer consumer any other means of refunding to have or purchase voucher on the Site. The Company LA POUPETTERIE also reserves the right to engage the responsibility of the Consumer Client for any depreciation of the returned Products.


10.2 In accordance with the legal provisions in force in particular of the article L.121-21 -8 4 ° of the Consumer Code, the Consumer Consumer within the meaning of the legal provisions in force on the date of the Order, not available no withdrawal period for contracts: - to provide services fully performed before the end of the withdrawal period and the execution of which began after the express prior consent of the consumer and express waiver of his right of withdrawal; of Products made to consumer specifications or clearly customized or limited edition - supply of Products likely to deteriorate or expire quickly; - supply of Products that have been unsealed by the consumer after delivery and that can not be returned for reasons of hygiene or health protection; - supply of goods which, after being delivered and by their nature, are inseparably mixed with other articles;




11.1 The Company LA POUPETTERIEis subject to the conditions of the legal guarantees of conformity of articles L.211-4, L.211-5 and L.211-12 of the consumption and hidden defects code of the articles 1641 and 1648 of the Civil Code. Particular information relating to the after-sales service or to the contractual guarantee is, if necessary, presented on the detailed card of the Product. For any request of information, the Customer will contact the Customer Service.


11.2 On the legal guarantee of conformity: Article 211-4 of the Consumer Code "The seller is required to deliver a product that complies with the contract and responds to the lack of conformity existing during the It also responds to any lack of conformity resulting from the packaging, the assembly instructions or the installation when it has been charged to it by the contract or was carried out under its responsibility. Article 211-5 of the Consumer Code "To be in conformity with the contract, the property must: 1 ° be fit for the customary use expected of a similar good and, where appropriate: - correspond to the description given by the seller and possess the qualities that he has presented to the buyer in the form of a sample or a model - present the qualities that a buyer may legitimately expect given the public statements made by the seller, by the producer or by its representative, particularly in advertising or labeling; 2 ° Or have the characteristics defined by mutual agreement by the parties or be suitable for any special use sought by the buyer, made known to the seller and that the latter has accepted. "Article 211-12 of the Consumer Code" The action resulting from the lack of conformity is prescribed by two years from the delivery of the goods.


11.3 On the legal guarantee of latent defects: Article 1641 of the Civil Code "The seller is bound by the guarantee for reasons of hidden defects of the thing sold which render it unfit for the use for which it is intended, or which diminish so much this the buyer would not have acquired it, or would have given a lower price if he had known them. "Article 1648 of the Civil Code" The action resulting from latent defects must be brought by the purchaser within two years from the discovery of the defect. "




12.1 Rights on the Site and its content The Site, the Products offered, their images, as well as the databases included therein, are the exclusive property of LA POUPETTERIE and / or its partners. , partial or total reproduction, transfer of the Site and / or the elements it contains, such as databases but any use other than their consultation on the Site, are strictly prohibited unless prior written permission of the Company LA POUPETTERIE and / or its partners, except the exceptions provided for and strictly governed by the laws in force, and particularly the Code of Intellectual Property.

12.2 Rights on the trademarks and domain name of the SiteNames, names and identity signs of any kind (such as logotypes or figurative marks, product names and services), quoted and reproduced on the Site, are the exclusive property of LA Company DOPPETRY and / or, where appropriate, its partners. It can not be made any use even partial, no reproduction, representation or imitation by the User, except prior written authorization of the concerned holders. Any breach of this obligation constitutes, in particular, an offense of counterfeiting and / or unfair competition exposing the perpetrator to legal proceedings and to civil and criminal penalties.




13.1 Cookies and data The User is informed that the use of the Site and its services may require the implementation of a cookie on his hard drive when browsing the Site. A cookie does not identify the User; on the other hand, it records information relating to its navigation of its computer on the Site that the Company THE POUPETTERIE will be able to read during its subsequent visits, in order to facilitate the navigation of the User. The duration of conservation of this information is two ( 2) month.The User can manually delete this information from his computer, following the procedure applicable to his operating system and his Internet browser. In the event, where the user chooses to refuse the receipt of cookies on the hard disk of its terminal, the operation of the Site will not be ensured. The Company POUPETTERIE may be required to collect anonymous data concerning the flows and the generated traffic when the computer of the User is connected to the Site, such as: ISPs, IP address, type and version of browser used, duration of your connection, etc. This data is collected, in particular, in order to meet its legal obligations and can also be used for statistical purposes in order to analyze the site's use and the number of visitors, to improve it by adapting it to the needs and tastes of the User. These data are never used by name.


13.2 Personal data When using the Site Services, the Customer may be required to communicate personal data to the Company LA POUPETTERIE, in particular when registering on the Site and via its My Account area.


13.2.1 Confidentiality The Customer is entirely responsible for access to his My Account area and in particular the confidentiality of the identifiers (login and password) he has chosen. He undertakes not to disclose them, but also, not to allow the use by unauthorized third parties for any reason whatsoever. The Customer agrees to contact the Company LA POUPETTERIE as soon as possible to the slightest suspicion of piracy or use of its space My Account without authorization.The Company LA POUPETTERIE can not be held responsible for an identity theft or the misuse of the My Account space and the possible consequences that may result.


13.2.2 Nature and processing of personal data collectedIn accordance with the law, the communication of personal data is optional based on the explicit agreement of the Customer to use the services of the Site. The Client is informed that these treatments including the management of email addresses, Customer files and Prospects for online sale are made by the company LA POUPETTERIE and have been duly declared to the Commission Nationale Informatique et Libertés (CNIL) on March 1 2017 under the number 2040498.The Company POUPETTERIE collects and processes the personal information provided by the Customer in order to operate the Site and its services in an optimal manner and allow the ordering of Products through the Site. Personal data as well collected are intended, in the first place to the Company POUPETTERIE in the case of the management and security of the Site but also the database management of customers and prospects. Except exception to the terms of these General Conditions, other data are kept by La POUPETTERIE no later than three (3) years after the end of the it's commercial.


13.2.3 Transfer of personal data The Company LA POUPETTERIE undertakes not to communicate, assign or transfer to third parties personal data without having previously obtained the written agreement of the Client concerned, unless otherwise required by law or request competent and authorized authorities. The Client concerned may object to the transfer of his personal data to third parties by checking the box provided for this purpose when registering on the Site.However, subject to his opposition, the personal data of the Client may be communicated to third parties, commercial partners of the Company LA POUPETTERIE, especially in the framework of the Order and the Delivery of the Products.


13.2.4 Right of access, rectification, opposition or deletion to the processing of personal data in accordance with the French law called "Informatique et Libertés" n ° 78-17 of 6 January 1978 modified by the law of 6 August 2004, the Customer having communicated personal data has a right of access, rectification, opposition and deletion of the processing of his personal data which he exercises for free by writing to the following address: The company POUPETTERIE, 2, rue des Grillons 71640 Givry. At any time, the Customer may, for legitimate reasons, oppose the processing of data concerning him and, in particular, request the closure of his My Account space which will result in the irremediable and permanent erasure of personal data being within one (1) month.


13.2.5 Newsletter and prospectionCustomer can register for free to the Newsletter of the Site to be informed of the offers of the Company THE POUPETTERIE, its events, and new Products available on the Site. The Customer has the possibility at any time to modulate the information he wishes to receive or to unsubscribe in the link provided for this purpose in each newsletter or messages sent for the purpose of prospection.




14.1 The Company LA POUPETTERIE may exonerate itself from all or part of its responsibility in the context of the execution of the on-line sale of Products of which it is only distributor, and in no case manufacturer, providing proof that the non-performance or the bad execution of these General Conditions is attributable to the Customer, either to the unpredictable and insurmountable event of a third party, or to a fortuitous event or a case of force majeure. The company LA POUPETTERIE may also be manufacturing certain Products. In any case, the Company LA POUPETTERIE can only be held liable for direct damage caused by the Products sold on its Site or the sale service, to the exclusion of any other. The amount of the compensation payable by the Company LA POUPETTERIE, within this framework, can not exceed the Price of the Order inclusive of all taxes and excluding Shipping Costs.


14.2 The Company LA POUPETTERIE can not be held liable for damages of any kind both material and immaterial or physical as well as elements beyond its control, nor any damage that may be suffered by Users by their technical environment, including their computers, software, equipment, networks (modems, phones ...) and any material used to access or use the Site.The Company LA POUPETTERIE implements all reasonable means at its disposal to ensure quality access to the Site but is not bound by any obligation of result in the matter. to maintain it, or for any other reason of its own, the Company LA POUPETTERIE reserves the possibility, without pr notice or information of Users, to interrupt, temporarily suspend or modify access to all or part of the Site, without such interruption, suspension or modification of access opening the right to any obligation or compensation of its share, whatever the damage possibly suffered by it or by third parties because of these malfunctions or unavailability.




In the event of the occurrence of a fortuitous event or of a case of force majeure defined by the French case-law as an event beyond the control of LA POUPETTERIE and making it impossible or delaying the normal execution of its obligations , The Company POUPETTERIE inform by email the Customer of the existence of this fortuitous event or of this case of force majeure within three (3) days as from the date of occurrence of the event. The Company THE POUPETTERIE will be then as long as the effects of the force majeure have not ceased, without incurring liability or having to pay any indemnity.Where the suspension of the performance of the Seller's obligations continues for a period greater than thirty ( 30) days, the Customer has the option to cancel the current Order. The company will then refund the Order by credit to the bank account linked to the card used to pay the Order.




The present General Conditions of use of the Site are concluded for an indefinite duration as from the use of the Site by the User. These Terms and Conditions come into force on the date of validation of the Order and are concluded for the duration necessary for the Delivery of the Products to the Customer, until the expiry of the guarantees and obligations of the Company LA POUPETTERIE.Ces General Conditions are likely to evolve with the Site and the activity of the Company LA POUPETTERIE. The User and the Customer having accepted the terms are invited to regularly check their updates. Unless there is a major change affecting the situation of the User or the Customer and which will eventually trigger an alert on the Site, the User and the Customer are deemed to accept these regular updates.




17.1 Any amendment, termination or abandonment of any of the clauses of these General Conditions shall be valid only after written agreement between the Parties.


17.2 If one or more stipulations of these General Conditions are held to be invalid or declared as such pursuant to a law, a regulation or following a final decision of a competent court, the other stipulations will retain all their force and their reach.


17.3 The fact for the Company LA POUPETTERIE or the Customer not to invoke a breach of any of the obligations set out in these Terms and Conditions shall be construed for the future as a waiver of the obligation in question.


17.4 Neither Party may make any commitment to name and / or on behalf of the other Party. In addition, each of the Parties remains solely responsible for its claims, commitments, services, products and personnel.




18.1 These General Conditions are subject to French law.


18.2 These General Terms and Conditions are written in French. Their possible translation into a foreign language is of no value and can not be opposed to the Company LA POUPETTERIE for any reason whatsoever.


18.3 In the event of a dispute over the interpretation, execution or validity of these General Terms and Conditions, the Customer may contact the Customer Service of the Company LA POUPETTERIE to find an amicable solution.


Otherwise, the French courts will be competent to resolve the dispute.


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